What is the difference between cGPMAX® Cardiovascular Health and Brain Health?

Both the products the same amount of cGP, standardized to 40 mcg per capsule. Each product is enhanced with other synergistic ingredients to provide even greater support for either brain or cardiovascular health.

cGPMAX® Cardiovascular Health contains cGP and is enhanced with the benefits of Mango Powder and Grapeseed Extract, to support your blood vessel health, normal blood pressure and circulation. cGPMAX® Brain Health contains cGP and is enhanced with the benefits of Bacopa providing a fast-acting boost to cognition and focus as well as the long-term benefits of brain protection from cGP.

How do I know which product is right for me?

Both the products contain our hero molecule – cGP, providing support to build small blood vessels, known as capillaries, providing health benefits for the brain and cardiovascular system and as well as healthy-aging support.

The right product for you will depend on whether you wish to predominantly support brain health or cardiovascular health. Each product contains additional, clinically researched, ingredients that are selectively chosen to further support either brain or cardiovascular health.

 Can I take cGPMAX® Cardiovascular Health and cGPMAX® Brain Health at the same time?

Yes, it is fine to take both products simultaneously if you wish to do so.

What is cGP?

cGP (cyclic Glycine-Proline) is a molecule that our body makes by itself to normalise the function of a life-supporting hormone called Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 helps build small blood vessels, providing many benefits for the body and brain.

Why is it important to maintain small blood vessels?

Small blood vessels form a network around organs. The blood circulation through these micro-networks delivers nutrients and removes waste, a process critical for healthy organ function.

What is cGPMAX®?

A natural supplement range formulated from food sources that are naturally rich in cGP, an essential nutrient for healthy blood flow.  Each capsule is standardised to deliver the recommended daily dose of cGP - 40mcg per capsule.

What is cGP-PRo®?

cGP-PRo® is the world-first ingredient that goes into cGPMAX® products. It is manufactured in New Zealand through our unique manufacturing process combining non-GMO New Zealand blackcurrant concentrate with hydrolysed collagen peptides. Our process concentrates, stabilises and standardises the cGP.  

Why is IGF-1 function important?

IGF-1 is a hormone that carries out multiple functions in the body. One if its most important functions is to support healthy blood flow. It does this by helping build small blood vessels. As we age, IGF-1 activity declines and out body’s need for cGP increases. Without sufficient cGP, low levels of IGF-1 activity can lead to the onset of age-related symptoms.

Why do we need cGP supplementation?

To preserve IGF-1 function, our body’s demand for cGP increases but unfortunately, the body is unable to produce enough. This contributes to a declining network of small blood vessels, which reduces the supply of nutrients to organs. cGP supplementation provides a natural opportunity to top up your body’s cGP levels for more optimal IGF-1 function.

Are all ingredients entirely natural?

Yes, just as nature intended them to be! In addition to our hero ingredient cGP-PRo®, our formulations include natural ingredients that have been scientifically researched for their efficacy. The additional active ingredients in cGPMAX® products have been carefully selected by our team of scientists to deliver complementary benefits alongside cGP

Is cGPMAX® suitable for children?

We have not completed any formal trials in children. Some children with specific genetic disorders relating to the malfunction of IGF-1 may seek out supplementation with cGPMAX®. In these cases, we recommend consulting with a medical practitioner.

Is cGPMAX® suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

We do not recommend using cGPMAX for pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

Are there any side effects?
There are no known or reported side effects.

Do you know of any contraindications as to why some people should avoid taking cGPMAX®?

So far, we do not have any information about any contraindications. We recommend consulting with a medical practitioner to discuss any specific queries about contraindications.

Who will benefit most from cGP supplementation?

cGP supplementation is ideal for those over the age of 45 who are starting to notice the first effects of ageing, such as irritability, disrupted sleep, brain fog, lack of focus or forgetfulness. The process of ageing can begin prematurely for those who lead stressful lives or have less than optimal nutrition and sleep.

cGP supplementation is also suited for those who want to be proactive in supporting their health and wellbeing as they age.

People aged 65+ will experience outstanding benefits from cGP supplementation, especially those wanting to maintain sharp mental faculties or those at risk of neurodegenerative and/or vascular conditions. 

How soon will I see results?

Your body's cGP levels depend on factors including age, stress, lifestyle and whether you have any specific conditions. Individuals may experience benefits in different time frames. We recommend taking cGPMAX® for at least 90 days to allow enough time to top up your cGP reserve. For ongoing good health and long-term benefits, we recommend keeping your cGP levels topped up by taking cGPMAX® daily.

Will I receive additional benefits from taking more than one capsule of cGPMAX® daily?

Age, lifestyle choices and stress can deplete the body’s cGP levels, leaving our body yearning for more. cGP works on an accumulation format which means that we need to gradually build our levels up and then maintain them. A consistent and daily dose of cGP via cGPMAX® is the best way to go. Some people with severe age-related symptoms might consider taking up to two capsules a day.

What changes should I expect to see after taking cGPMAX® for three months? 

Individuals experience the benefits differently however, a general reduction in age-related symptoms are commonly reported by our customer base. The benefits experienced may be subtle hence, we recommend maintaining a diary to record your health journey and to re-evaluate after 3 months of supplementation.

 Is cGPMAX® backed by clinical research?

cGPMAX® is the only product range in the world that contains a standardised dose of cGP. cGPMAX® products are based on a world-first discovery by Dr Jian Guan, the Chief Science Officer at The cGP Lab. The molecule has been studied extensively by Dr. Jian Guan who has dedicated 30+ years of her life to learning about how cGP works, its benefits and applications. She is considered the pioneer of cGP research world-wide.

Where can I find out more information?

You can access to all the detail on the development of cGP-Pro® and the relevant scientific papers on      www.cgp-health.com