cGPMAX® Paediatric Support

cGPMAX® Paediatric Support

cGPMAX® works really hard on a daily basis to support healthy IGF-1 function, especially for those who have challenges maintaining IGF-1 levels.

cGP levels in children are normally optimal and most young ones do not require supplementation. However, there is a select group who may benefit from supplementation to support healthy IGF-1 activity.

For IGF-1 to function, cGP levels need to remain high and cGPMAX® works best when it accumulates over time. Therefore, for optimal results take cGPMAX® daily and continually evaluate progress over time. As with all supplements, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider prior to and during supplementation.


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This product contains encapsulating aids

cGP-PRo® contains the active cyclic Glycine-Proline (cGP) that is made from NZ-sourced ingredients including blackcurrants. cGP is formed through our unique manufacturing process combining blackcurrant concentrate with hydrolysed collagen peptides. Our process releases and stabilises cGP to create the world's only standardised cGP ingredient.

Every batch of cGP-PRo® is tested by an accredited third-party laboratory to ensure consistent cGP levels and exceptional quality. This means every capsule of cGPMAX® delivers the exact amount of natural cGP, every time.

cGP normalises Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1), a crucial hormone that supports microcirculation, providing an uplift in healthy brain function and vitality.


Our brain cells are constantly communicating with each other to control our memory, attention, and alertness. As we age and our blood vessels reduce in number, these connections between our cells become weakened and damaged. cGP helps with the rebuilding of blood vessels and therefore re-establishing these connections inside our brain.

This can have a huge impact on cognitive function by improving the ability to focus and increasing mental clarity.

People who take cGPMAX® regularly have reported improved sleep, higher energy levels and a better overall mood.