cGPMAX® Brain Health

cGPMAX® Brain Health

For healthy brain function and mental clarity

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Our brain is much more than a control centre for the body; it’s the compass that guides our life journey. It’s the essence of who we are and how we interact with the world.

cGPMAX®Brain Health is a scientifically researched, world-first natural cGP supplement that combined with Bacopa monnieri (Bramhi leaf extract), is designed to protect and support brain health, allowing you to live with clarity and vitality.

cGP and Bacopa are a dream team; Bacopa works fast to help you think more clearly, concentrate better and perform at your optimal mental capacity. cGP on the other hand, builds up over time to support long term brain health, safeguarding your future. 

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Each bottle of cGPMAX® Brain Health contains 30 capsules. Take one capsule per day for a minimum period of 3 months for optimal results. Can be taken morning or night, with or without food. Always take capsules with a large glass of water. 

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Bacopa monnieri
This product contains encapsulating aids

cGP-PRo® contains the active cyclic Glycine-Proline (cGP) that is made from NZ-sourced ingredients including blackcurrants. cGP is formed through our unique manufacturing process combining blackcurrant concentrate with hydrolysed collagen peptides. Our process releases and stabilises cGP to create the world's only standardised cGP ingredient.

Every batch of cGP-PRo® is tested by an accredited third-party laboratory to ensure consistent cGP levels and exceptional quality. This means every capsule of cGPMAX® delivers the exact amount of natural cGP every time.

cGP normalises Insulin-like Growth Factor, a crucial hormone that suppors micro-circulation, providing an uplift in healthy brain function and vitality.

Bacopa monnieri, or Brahmi, is a herb deeply rooted in Ayurveda, renowned for its cognitive benefits. Incorporated into the cGPMAX™️ Brain Health formulation, Bacopa monnieri collaborates with cGP to enhance cerebral blood flow, improve cognitive function, and counteract age-related neuro-decline. Packed with 52 bioactive compounds, including Bacosides, Quercetin, Luteolin, and Apigenin, it contributes to cognitive enhancement, antioxidant effects, anti-inflammatory properties, and neuroprotection. These natural compounds collectively fortify brain health, providing a comprehensive solution for cognitive well-being and longevity.


Our brain cells are constantly communicating with each other to control our memory, attention, and alertness. As we age and our blood vessels reduce in number, these connections between our cells become weakened and damaged. cGP helps with the rebuilding of blood vessels and therefore re-establishing these connections inside our brain.

This can have a huge impact on cognitive function by improving the ability to focus and increasing mental clarity. People who take cGPMAX® regularly have reported improved sleep, higher energy levels and a better overall mood. If you’ve suffered from memory loss associated with old age or wondered how to prevent memory loss, cGPMAX® Brain Health can help as a key part of your ageing well strategy.

cGPMAX® Brain Health can also support improved quality of life for people who are suffering neurodegenerative disorders, where research shows cGP levels are consistently lower. Our customers often tell us about the huge improvements they or their loved ones get when they take cGPMAX® everyday.