The world's only natural cGP supplement.

cGPMAX is the world's only scientifically proven supplement to deliver natural cGP, a molecule essential for healthy ageing.

The Benefits of cGPMAX

One capsule a day is all you need to take control of your future and age well. Taken every day you can expect to notice these changes to your wellbeing and quality of life.

Find it easier to follow conversations

Wake up feeling well rested

Blow away the brain fog

Feel calmer with less anxiety

Get more out of your day

Rediscover the joy in your life

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Dr. Jian Guan (Chief Scientist, The cGP Lab) has spent the past 30 years of her life researching and understanding our hero molecule cGP. Her world leading research has led to the discovery of how cGP kickstarts the process of growing blood vessels and restore blood circulation, keeping cells in the ageing brain healthy and functioning well.

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  • What does cGP do?  

    What does cGP do?

    cGP (cyclic Glycine-Proline) plays a key role in the body’s ability to make small blood vessels that transport oxygen and nutrients to our brain and main organs and remove toxins.

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  • Your body just can’t keep up  

    Your body just can’t keep up

    Around 45, the body’s production of cGP declines as we age, or earlier due to poor lifestyle, stress or illness, leaving us vulnerable to poor health. cGPMAX™ keeps our body functioning as nature intended.

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  • cGPMAX™ is based in science  

    cGPMAX™ is based in science

    Our brain is directly affected when our body is low in cGP. This leaves our brains vulnerable to poor health outcomes such as dementia, Parkinson’s, stoke, Alzheimer’s, hypertension and other neurological conditions.

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  • 30+ Years of Scientific Studies

    30+ Years of Scientific Studies

    cGP is grounded in science. We lead the world in cGP research and are committed to conducting more scientific studies about cGP and its role in health care and prevention.

  • World First Discovery

    World First Discovery

    Our Chief Scientist first discovered natural cGP during a trail with Parkinson’s Disease patients. The clinical results led to the development of cGPMAX™.

  • Patented in 30+ Countries

    Patented in 30+ Countries

    We hold a novel patient for our cGP science, technology and the manufacture and application of cGP. We are legally recognised as the home of cGP.

Take control of your future and make a positive choice to age well.

Forgot why you walked into a room? Can’t put a name to the face? Have trouble sleeping? Lost the energy to do what you used to? Feel anxious for no reason?

Welcome to ageing and the age-related cognitive decline that creeps up on you with the passing years. No one likes it, but how you deal with it now can make a difference to how you will live your life.

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At cGPMAX, we have been scientifically researching ageing for over 30 years. Our research has shown that low cGP (cyclic Glycine-Proline) levels are associated with age-related cognitive decline. cGP is a life-essential molecule that supports an increased healthy blood flow to the ageing brain. cGP levels are reduced with age, lifestyle choices and stress, leaving us susceptible to poor health as we age. Sustained low levels of cGP could lead to more serious neurological disorders.

cGPMAX Brain Health is scientifically shown to replenish and maintain optimal cGP levels in your brain and body. Take control of your future and choose to age well now and into the future.

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Our product is changing lives

My husband has Parkinson’s and started taking cGPMAX Brain Health. What a change! He is more alert and ‘with it’. He has more energy, his mood is definitely better and he is not so apathetic. He is a lot more lively and engaged when on cGPMAX Brain Health.

Pauline / Gisborne

I had a fall that resulted in severe concussion 12 months ago which left me with poor memory and unable to have a normal conversation. Since taking Brain Health 3 weeks ago, I am not forgetting names, words, and it's great to have a normal conversation again without hesitating over what I am thinking to say. I am generally back to my normal self again, so wonderful.

Jill / Christchurch

Parkinson's Disease - I have a tremor condition that’s on the Parkinson’s Disease spectrum and have been taking cGPMAX Brain Health for a long time. I am convinced that there is a beneficial impact. I don’t have the shakes to the same extent and am able to lead a normal life.

Robert / Palmerston North

The Memory Foundation recommended cGPMAX Brain Health and I started taking it in 2016. I was feeling quite low emotionally and mentally, and my brain had stopped working with clarity. Since then, I take it regularly now and feel a lot better. I certainly notice if I stop taking it.

Sue / Nelson

A friend suggested I try cGPMAX™ so I did. I am sleeping much better and I feel more focused. I also got my 85yr old mother who is suffering from dementia on cGPMAX™ and it has made her feel less anxious and more relaxed about life, which is great for her and those around her.

Chris / Whanganui