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Years of Research

For decades, medical researchers and scientists have been investigating ways in which to pharmacologically manipulate Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) when it is impaired. Too much as well as too little has been linked to adverse effects on health.

None of the research came close, until the discovery by Dr Jian Guan in 2017 who found that NZ blackcurrants contained natural cGP, a regulator of IGF-1.

The role of cGP has long been recognised in normalising the IGF-1 functioning to improve and maintain our general health.

In conjunction with Dr Guan, The cGP Lab began a two-year research project into the development of the company's first commercial product using natural cGP. Launched in 2019, it was rebranded to cGPMAX® Brain Health in 2021.

New Zealand blackcurrants outdo the rest

The research identified where the cGP was located within the berry and how to retain its highest efficacy levels.  As part of the research, blackcurrants from other parts of the world along with 31 other fruits and vegetables were tested to compare cGP levels.  In finding that NZ blackcurrants were the most potent source of natural cGP, all commercially available NZ grown blackcurrant varieties were then independently tested to identify those with the highest and most consistent levels of cGP. 

Our unique manufacturing process delivers the goods

New Zealand blackcurrants are only part of the story. We discovered that it’s not enough to just consume blackcurrants, the cGP in them needs to be concentrated and stabilised. We developed a unique manufacturing process combining blackcurrant concentrate with hydrolysed collagen peptides. This highly controlled process releases and stabilises the cGP, creating the world’s only standardised cGP ingredient.

World-First Discovery

Our research centred on finding out the optimal level of cGP the human body needs.

Our research also proved something truly groundbreaking - the cGP found in cGPMAX® is well absorbed across the digestive tract and can also makes its way to the brain. cGPMAX® is one of the only supplements available that delivers natural cGP which has benefits for both the body and the brain through one single mechanism - regulating IGF-1.

The outcomes of this research informed the development of the cGPMAX® range of products. Testing by an accredited third-party laboratory means that every capsule of cGPMAX® delivers the exact right amount of natural cGP, every time.

Commercialisation & Growth

Based on this foundational knowledge, The cGP Lab continues to research the commercialisation of other sources of natural cGP, as well as and the effects of cGPMAX® supplementation on various health conditions, including metabolic syndrome.

The cGP Lab has a patent-pending in 30 countries which covers the source and supply of natural plant-based cGP and the manufacturing and application of cGP. (WO 2019/045575 A1)