It has made a huge difference to my health

From Elaine

I started taking cGPMax two years ago when I was 68 years old and have
noticed many significant and positive changes in my health which I attribute
to cGPMax.

My mother had Lewy Body dementia. It is a horrendous form of dementia,
characterised by hallucinations and paranoia. It made me more aware of my
own health, particularly my neurological state. When I started taking
cGPMax, I had noticed the following five signs that some aspects of my
health were of concern:

1. My sleep pattern was becoming more unsettled. I found it difficult to go
to sleep and when I woke during the night, often as a result of nightmares,
I could not get back to sleep without reading for approximately 30 minutes.

2. When I was in a half-awake / half-asleep state, my thoughts would become
disturbing. It was like a stream of consciousness state. I would have to get
up, make a hot drink and read a book to resettle myself. It left me very
tired the next day. I would often need to sleep for 1-2 hours in the

3. I was often in an anxious state, worrying about everything. As I had
retired, I expected a much calmer state compared with my working life in a
high-powered, stressful leadership position. I was disappointed that I
couldn’t relax more and enjoy my retirement.

4. My blood pressure had been closely monitored since I started taking
hypertension medication in 2001. Over the years my doctors, overseas and in
New Zealand, were concerned about my blood pressure and wanted to increase
my medication dosage. I resisted because I wanted to use other methods to
bring my blood pressure down and not be dependent on higher doses of
Amlodipine. Once I retired, I thought my blood pressure would go down
naturally. It didn’t.

5. I noticed that my hands were starting to shake. Fortunately, my doctor
told me that it was not the kind of shaking related to Parkinson’s disease.
It was still upsetting to deal with the shaking and I was embarrassed when
people noticed.

I am pleased to report that all five aspects of my health have improved
since taking cGPMax. Within a few months the changes were dramatic and they
have been sustained over the past two years. Now, I go to sleep easily and
sleep soundly for most of the night, apart from an early morning trip to the
toilet. I do not experience any disconnected thinking and bad dreams are
very rare. My blood pressure has stabilised and is usually around 116/74.
The trembling hands have completely stopped. I feel relaxed and would
describe my state as ‘mellow’ most of the time, with very little anxiety in
my daily life.

I am grateful to Dr Jian for developing cGPMax. It has made a huge
difference to my health and the quality of my life.

The customer service team also do an excellent job. I wish you all well.

Please continue to make the supplement from New Zealand blackcurrants!

Warm wishes,

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