Campbell T.

We are delighted to share our remarkable experience with cGPMAX Brain Health and the positive impact it has had on our 8 year-old daughter, Soko. This exceptional product has truly been a game-changer, enhancing her overall well-being and catalyzing her learning and development journey. Soko has a syndrome called Pitt Hopkins Syndrome caused by changes in a specific gene. This gene affects how her brain and body develop. Because of this, she takes longer to learn new things.
Soko's learning trajectory has taken an impressive leap forward since incorporating CGP Max into her routine. Her capacity to absorb and process new information at a rapid pace has been truly remarkable.

Equally significant has been the positive shift in Soko's emotional well-being. Her struggles with irritability and mood fluctuations feel likey are not as frequent and we feel like there is more often a sense of calm and emotional regulation. This has had a profound ripple effect on our little family and our stress levels.

Perhaps most striking has been the accelerated rate at which Soko acquires new skills. CGP Max has seemingly unlocked hidden potentials within her. This rapid skill acquisition has been very exciting for us. In the last year she has gone from being unable to walk to walking unassisted and even tackling steps no handed!

As parents, witnessing such a transformation in our daughter's life has been very exciting. It must be said that we have done ALOT of work to help her get to where she has got in physiotherapy, speech and OT but cGPMAX Brain Health has become an indispensable part of her daily routine that continues to shape her journey toward a brighter and more promising future.

In conclusion, we wholeheartedly recommend CGP Max to any parent seeking to provide their child with the best possible foundation for growth, development, and success. This product has helped propel our daughter Soko toward greater heights of achievement and fulfillment.
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