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How will cGPMAX work for you?

  • Better Mood

    Better Mood

    Hormones work as chemical messengers in your body and travel through the bloodstream coordinating all sorts of physiological responses. The hormone IGF-1 is known as a mood-regulator and low levels of this hormone have been associated with mood disorders.

    cGP is present in our body and promotes healthy IGF-1 functioning. However, as you age, both your IGF-1and cGP levels naturally decline compromising mood and behaviour.

    cGPMAX™ provides a natural cGP supplementation that complements your body’s cGP reserves and works to normalise IGF-1 function.

  • Better Sleep

    Better Sleep

    A good night’s sleep is so important for healthy brain function. If you do not get enough sleep, your brain cells don’t communicate properly, leaving the pathways that help you learn and create memories disconnected. A lack of sleep sleep often leads to lack of focus, fogginess and feeling tired.

    Sleep also affects almost every tissue in the body and its ability to function. The long-term effects of sleep deprivation are associated with an increased risk of diabetes, stress, obesity, high blood pressure, anxiety, cognitive impairment and depression.

    Taking cGPMAX™ Brain Health supports sleep.

  • Increased Energy

    Increased Energy

    Your brain is the epicentre that controls thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger and literally every other process in our body. With all this work to do, it is no surprise that the brain is the most energy hungry organ in the body. It consumes c.20% of the body’s entire fuel allocation and uses the energy to communicate with other parts of the body and to service and maintain the health of brain cells.

    The brain derives energy from circulating blood, rich in nutrients and oxygen. The natural ageing process obstructs this circulatory network contributing to reduced blood flow to the brain. This leads to deficits in communication, compromising cell health and results in age-related cognitive decline.

    Our scientific research shows a consistent and constant dose of cGPMAX™ Brain Health helps support blood circulation to the brain and facilitates the transport of nutrients and oxygen for optimal brain function.

  • Improved Clarity

    Improved Clarity

    Clarity of mind is about the speed of your thoughts and how easily you can recall events and memories. As we age, worry and anxiety creep in as we find ourselves being left behind in a rapidly changing world.

    Your brain requires constant servicing and maintenance. It allows you to sense our world with the help of highly specialised brain cells. These brain cells keep us running physically and mentally, but they also release a lot of debris/waste.

    If waste is not removed, it floats around your brain preventing it from functioning normally and eventually becoming toxic. This then contributes to deficits in mental clarity, and memory.

    cGPMAX™ Brain Health promotes clarity by building new capillaries that are responsible for the removal of toxic waste from the brain cells, allowing your brain to function more efficiently, leading to a fulfilling life.

  • Lowered Stress

    Lowered Stress

    Cortisol is the body’s alarm system that works in tandem with the brain to regulate your response to a stressful situation. An increased heart rate and breathing are physiological responses triggered by increased cortisol levels. After the danger has passed, cortisol, along with other bodily systems calm down. It is important to keep cortisol levels under control as increased cortisol levels have been associated with cognitive dysfunction.

    As we age, repeated stressful encounters or prolonged exposure to cortisol adversely impacts the brain tissue contributing to mood disorders as well as shrinkage in the related regions of the brain.

    cGP helps in supporting stress by providing the brain with adequate nutrients to keep cell function healthy. Don’t stress but live your life to the cGPMAX!

  • Sharpened Focus

    Sharpened Focus

    Ageing causes deficits in the part of the brain primarily responsible for communicating with other areas of the brain, resulting in the lack of ability to maintain focus. Focusing becomes increasingly difficult and explains why we often see the elderly getting easily distracted or have trouble concentrating on a task.

    Research suggests that if the deficits can be helped early on, the ability to focus can be restored. One way of doing this is by supporting the rebuilding of new blood vessels to help re-join these disconnects and restore blood circulation in the region of the brain allowing improvement in focus.

    Give your brain the best chance for good health with cGPMAX™ Brain Health.