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cGPMAX™ Brain Health has been formulated to increase the supply of nutrients to the brain, supporting brain health and function as we age. 

A daily dose of cGPMAX™ Brain Health provides a 100% natural cGP supplementation to support energy levels, mental clarity, focus, sleep and balance stress and mood as we age.

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The Starter Pack gives you a two-month supply of cGPMAX™ Brain Health. 

Each bottle of cGPMAX™ Brain Health contains 30 capsules and delivers a daily dose of cGP (cyclic Glycine-Proline) in every capsule. Made from New Zealand grown blackcurrants, which are a key source of cGP.

Taking cGPMAX™ Brain Health helps your body produce new blood vessels or capillaries that delivers oxygen and nutrients to cells in our brain and body. The capillaries also remove waste from the cells preventing toxic build up and may help prevent diseases that affect the cognitive function of the brain.


We recommend taking 2 capsules per day for the 1st month to boost your cGP levels, then 1 capsule per day thereafter to maintain cGP levels in your body.  For optimum results, we recommend taking Brain Health for a minimum period of 3 months.

cGPMAX™ Brain Health is 100% natural and can be taken alongside other supplements or pharmaceuticals.  You can’t overdose on cGP as anything surplus to requirements will pass through the urine.

The Starter Pack can only be ordered once per customer. 

100% natural
Patented in 30+ countries
Dairy free, Gluten free, GMO Free
30+ years of scientific studies

Ingredients per capsule

  • 300mg cGPMAX™ Blackcurrant Concentrate Powder
  • 3mg Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen
  • In a hard-gel capsule.

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We accept payments from all major credit card providers including Visa and Mastercard. We also offer PayPal on one-time purchases. 

If you would like to continue taking Brain Health after you have finished your Starter Pack you can a purchase a recurring monthly subscription.  We offer a 3 month subscription option so that you never run out.

By doing this you will save 15% one each bottle plus receive free shipping for NZ orders.  International orders incur a $30 freight charge.

Your credit card will be charged on the same day each month. 

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What is cGP?

cGP (Cyclic Glycine-Proline) is a key molecule in your body whose primary role is to regulate the functioning of a life-supporting hormone called Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1).

As we age our IGF-1 function naturally declines or can occur earlier because of poor lifestyle, stress or illness. Unfortunately, our body’s ability to naturally produce cGP also slows leaving us vulnerable to poor health outcomes as we age. 

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