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Brain Health Capsules
Brain Health Capsules

Our original bottle of 30 cGPMAX™ Brain Health capsules.

Brain Health Starter Pack
Brain Health Starter Pack

A full two-month supply of our Brain Health capsules.

Brain Health 3 Month Supply
Brain Health 3 Month Supply

3 months subscription supply of our Brain Health capsules.

How cGPMAX™ powers your brain

The brain is the most complex object in the known universe. It controls who we are and how our body works by regulating every process in our body including our thoughts, memory, emotions, senses, movement and the functioning of all our organs. 

If our brain is not functioning properly, we are unable to have conversations with those we love, read a book, cook dinner or find our way home.

Unfortunately, when our bodies are low in cGP, our brains are most affected, leaving us vulnerable to a whole range of poor health outcomes such as dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke, Alzheimer’s, hypertension and other diseases.

cGPMAX™ Brain Health has been scientifically researched and formulated to increase the supply of nutrients to the brain, supporting brain health and function as we age.

Our product is changing lives

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Find out for yourself

As with anything you take, the noticeable effects of cGPMAX™ Brain Health will vary from person to person. Some customers report they notice changes within a week and others report a more subtle change. Some people struggle to define exactly how it affects them beyond an overall feeling of increased energy and wellness.

To help you track how cGPMAX™ Brain Health has benefited your health and wellbeing you can complete our health questionnaire available on our website. We recommend completing it before you start taking cGPMAX™  Brain Health and again after 3 months.

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