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How cGPMAX™ helped... Tegan van der Peet

Wellington, New Zealand

"cGPMAX™ is 100% natural, which means it can be taken long term – it’s not something that you have to try to get off like so many other forms of treatment. It’s made a big difference to my quality of life. It’s just so much easier to do things when you don’t have a constant headache and I’m very happy about that.”

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Ernest Sirimanne

Auckland, New Zealand

"If you don’t get enough blood into the brain, cells will die, and this leads to aging. Diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia are caused by a lack of blood to the brain. cGPMAX™ keeps your brain going. It all relates to circulation in the brain. Fix that and you fix so many things. I recommend it to everyone, regardless of their health."

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My husband has Parkinson’s and started taking cGPMAX Brain Health. What a change! He is more alert and ‘with it’. He has more energy, his mood is definitely better and he is not so apathetic. He is a lot more lively and engaged when on cGPMAX Brain Health.

Pauline / Gisborne

I had a fall that resulted in severe concussion 12 months ago which left me with poor memory and unable to have a normal conversation. Since taking Brain Health 3 weeks ago, I am not forgetting names, words, and it's great to have a normal conversation again without hesitating over what I am thinking to say. I am generally back to my normal self again, so wonderful.

Jill / Christchurch

Parkinson's Disease - I have a tremor condition that’s on the Parkinson’s Disease spectrum and have been taking cGPMAX Brain Health for a long time. I am convinced that there is a beneficial impact. I don’t have the shakes to the same extent and am able to lead a normal life.

Robert / Palmerston North

The Memory Foundation recommended cGPMAX Brain Health and I started taking it in 2016. I was feeling quite low emotionally and mentally, and my brain had stopped working with clarity. Since then, I take it regularly now and feel a lot better. I certainly notice if I stop taking it.

Sue / Nelson