Dr Jian Guan has studied cGP for over 30 years. She has authored or co-authored over 80 scientific journal articles and her research has been cited in over 2800 scientific papers.

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Dr Jian Guan, a world-renowned scientist in the discovery and pharmaceutical developments of IGF-1 and cGP, is also the Chief Scientist at cGPMAX. She has authored or co-authored over 80 scientific journal articles and her research has been cited in over 2800 scientific papers.

With over 30 years of age-related and brain health research, Dr Jian Guan uncovered the little-known, but life-essential molecule called cGP (cyclic Glycine-Proline) which is produced naturally within our bodies and supports healthy blood flow to the brain and other organs.

With Dr Jian Guan’s help, cGP Lab NZ developed a world first in natural supplements for brain health - the only 100% natural cGP supplement. This has assisted thousands of individuals with quality ageing and we’ll let their results speak for themselves.

For the past 25 years, Dr Jian continued her scientific research at Auckland University as a Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor affiliated with the Liggins Institute and the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

Dr Jian’s research has been largely focused on the discoveries and pharmaceutical developments of IGF-1 and the role of cGP in treating neurological conditions and associated poor brain vessel function, such is found in stroke and age-related cognitive impairments through improving the function of IGF-1.

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