What is cGP and how cGPmax works

You can't stop ageing, but you can age well.

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What is cGP?

cGP (Cyclic Glycine-Proline) is a key molecule in your body whose job is to regulate the function of a life-supporting hormone called IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1).

IGF-1 is responsible for making capillaries - the smallest blood vessels in our body. They transport oxygen and nutrients to cells and remove waste from our brain and main organs.

Our IGF-1 function reduces as we age, or can occur prematurely as a result of poor lifestyle and stress.

Taking a daily dose of cGPMAX™ increases the cGP levels in your body, in turn powering the IGF-1 to produce more capillaries.

If you would like to know more about the science of cGP and IGF-1 and how it positively impacts health outcomes, we have an extensive list of scientific papers and research available. Learn More...

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In other words…

Let’s use an analogy to better explain the role of cGP and IGF-1…

Imagine the blood vessels in your body are roads in a city, and the IGF-1 is responsible for road maintenance.

As the city grows over time and the roads are under constant use, the original roads will not last, they will deteriorate until the cars can no longer use them.

When we are young the roads are being constantly maintained. However, as we age our IGF -1 levels drop so IGF-1 just doesn’t do any road maintenance or doesn’t build new roads.

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In addition to ageing, when a person is young and a natural disaster strikes the body, (for example caused by injury or stress), there is an increased use of the body’s roading system. This causes a greater need for road maintenance.

This is where the cGP becomes the hero. The cGP acts like a superfood and fuels the IGF-1 and the more cGP you put into your body, the faster and harder the IGF-1 works to repair body’s roading system, facilitating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the brain and body and enabling the removal of waste.

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cGPMAX™ Brain Health

There is no known way of medically controlling the IGF-1 function in our body. Taking a cGPMAX Brain Health is the only known way to regulate the IGF-1 to keep it functioning at its optimum level for good health.

cGPMAX™ Brain Health has been scientifically researched and formulated to increase the supply of nutrients to the brain, supporting brain health and function as we age.

It is 100% naturally sourced and you cannot have too much as any excess is passed out with your urine.

Take your brain health into your own hands and start the cGPMAX™ journey with a Brain Health Start Pack.

Age Well with cGP

Our Chief Scientist Dr Jian Guan has written over 80 scientific papers about the role of cGP and how it effects people suffering from various neurodegenerative diseases.

We encourage you to have a look our scientific papers to understand how cGP impacts the effects of these diseases and can work towards easing the effects of the disease to give people a better outcome for their future.


A Selected List of cGPMAX™ Scientific Papers
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