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What is cGP and why is it important?

cGP (Cyclic Glycine-Proline) is a key molecule in your body whose primary role is to normalises the functioning of a life-supporting hormone called Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1).

IGF-1 is responsible for making new blood vessels, in particular, capillaries - the smallest blood vessels in our body that transport nutrients to our main organs and remove wastes, thus keeping our body and brain functioning as nature intended.  cGP regulates the IGF-1 to keep it functioning at its best for good health.

As we age our IGF-1 function naturally declines or can occur earlier because of poor lifestyle, stress, or illness. Unfortunately, our body’s ability to naturally produce cGP also slows leaving us vulnerable to poor health outcomes as we age. 

As the body’s blood flow is the essence of human life it is important to maintain sufficient cGP levels as we age to ensure optimal functioning of our brain and body.   

cGPMax™ safely delivers a daily dose of natural cGP that is scientifically shown to replenish and maintain cGP levels in our body essential to living a full, active and productive life as we age.

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In other words…

A good analogy is to imagine the blood vessels in your body are roads in a city, and the IGF-1 is responsible for road maintenance.

As the city grows over time and the roads have constant use, the original roads will not last, they will deteriorate until the cars can no longer use them. Unfortunately, as we age our IGF -1 levels drop so IGF-1 just doesn’t do any road maintenance or doesn’t build new roads.


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In addition to ageing, when a person is young and a natural disaster strikes the body, (for example caused by injury or stress), there is an increased use of the body’s roading system. This causes a greater need for road maintenance.

This is where the cGP becomes the hero. The cGP acts like a superfood for the IGF-1 and the more cGP you put into your body, the faster and more efficient the IGF-1 is and the better your body’s roading system.

How cGP powers your brain

The brain plays an important role in our overall health. It nomalises every process in our body including our thoughts, memory, emotions, senses, movement and the functioning of all our organs. 

Unfortunately, our brain is most affected when our bodies are low in cGP, leaving us vulnerable to a whole range of poor health outcomes.  Of all the nutrients we put into our body, the brain requires the most, although it only accounts for 1-2% of our body weight it consumes a whopping 25-30% of nutrients.

cGPMAX™ Brain Health has been formulated to increase the supply of nutrients to the brain, supporting brain health and function as we age.  It can also support energy levels, mental clarity, focus and sleep and balance stress and mood.

cGP Research

Do you want to find out more about the 30 years of research that has gone into developing cGPMAX™ ?

A Selected List of cGPMAX™ Scientific Papers
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Tracking your progress

As with anything you take, the noticeable effects of cGPMAX™ Brain Health will vary from person to person. Some customers report they notice changes within a week and others report a more subtle change. Some people struggle to define exactly how it affects them beyond an overall feeling of increased energy and wellness.

To help you track how cGPMAX™ Brain Health has benefited your health and wellbeing you can complete our health questionnaire available on our website. We recommend completing it before you start taking cGPMAX™  Brain Health and again after 3 months.

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