Why do I need to take cGPMAX for at least 90 days?

If you have just started taking cGPMAX, we recommend one capsule per day for a minimum period of three months.

cGP works on an accumulated format, which means that as the need arises, the innate response of the body requires delving into the cGP reserve. As we age, the increasing cGP demand reduces the cGP levels in reserve, forcing the body to produce more. As the body is unable to keep up with these deficits, overtime, prolonged exposure to low levels of cGP lead to adverse health outcomes.

In addition, ongoing stressors in life can also contribute to further cGP depletion.

So, in order to be functional, the cGP reservoir in the body needs to be kept full. cGPMAX, provides an all-natural solution to supplementing your cGP levels.