cGPMAX™ is scientifically proven to support brain health.

A well-functioning vascular system is essential for brain health and the function of key organs. It helps remove toxins, improve blood flow to the brain and supports cognitive function to foster quality ageing.

What is cGP?

Our vascular system is managed by a hormone inside of us called the IGF-1 hormone. This handy little hormone has a lot to do but one of its main roles is keeping our vascular system (that’s the production of blood vessels and transport of blood around the body) working well.

But IGF-1 can’t do it all on its own. It’s helped along by a molecule called cGP, or if you want to get scientific, cyclic-Glycine-Proline. The IGF-1 hormone can’t do its job properly without the cGP molecule so a lack of cGP impacts the vascular system and brain health as a whole.

What are the advantages of improved blood flow and more blood vessels?

Blood vessels constantly degenerate and regenerate. However, as we grow old, we lose the ability to make new blood vessels, so the old, damaged vessels eventually die without being replaced with new blood vessels. Restoring the ability to make more blood vessels can help reset that imbalance and ensure a healthy circulation to remove toxins and deliver nutrients efficiently to all the organs in our body.

What does a great vascular system have to do with brainhealth?

Our brain is hungry. So hungry in fact that it consumes 20% of our body’s daily fuel allocation. That means that of all the organs in our body, the brain is the one that requires the most nutrients and therefore blood flow to help make it work at its best. Healthy vascular networks also ensure that the brain is able to communicate with the other key organs in our body

What are the symptoms that my vascular system isn’t working as well as it could?

Many symptoms can be attributed to a less effective vascular system including lack of focus, poor sleep, moodiness and poor mental clarity.

Why does our vascular function deteriorate?

Blood vessels form a major component of our vascular network. In order to remain healthy and ensure smooth blood flow, these vessels regenerate through a self-mechanism and degenerate once they become old and worn out. But vascular function begins to deteriorate with factors such as age, stress and lifestyle choices which lower the amount of cGP and IGF-1 hormone in our system and hinder our ability to regenerate new blood vessels. Our body stops circulating blood in the same efficient way and therefore there are less nutrients being pumped out to the organs that need it, including the brain. If you’re over 50 then your levels of cGP and overall vascular function will have already begun to deteriorate.

What does cGPMAX have to do with all this?

cGPMAX™ has created a world-first in natural supplements for Brain Health. Our Brain Health supplement is 100% natural and packed full of cGP. By taking this supplement you’re supporting the vascular system with its job of producing small blood vessels while helping to improve blood flow.

Our body produces cGP itself but our cGP levels drop over time due to age and other lifestyle factors. This causes our vascular system to slow down and eventually, we start to feel the effects. But by taking cGPMAX Brain Health, and putting more cGP into your body, the IGF-1 hormone is able to produce more blood vessels and get back up to speed with pumping blood around our body.

What are the benefits I can expect to see when taking Brain Health?

Our brain cells are constantly communicating with each other to control our memory, attention, and alertness. As we age and our blood vessels reduce in number, these connections between our cells become weakened and damaged. cGP helps with the rebuilding of blood vessels and therefore re-establishing these connections inside our brain.

This can have a huge impact on cognitive function by improving the ability to focus and increasing mental clarity. Say goodbye to brain fog! People who take cGPMAX™ regularly have also reported improved sleep, higher energy levels and a better overall mood. If you’ve suffered from memory loss associated with old age or wondered how to prevent memory loss, cGPMAX™ Brain Health can help as a key part of your ageing well strategy.

cGPMAX™ Brain Health can also have huge benefits for people with neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease where cGP levels in patients are consistently shown to be lower.

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Dr. Jian Guan (Chief Scientist, The cGP Lab) has spent the past 30 years of her life researching and understanding our hero molecule cGP. Her world leading research has led to the discovery of how cGP kickstarts the process of growing blood vessels and restore blood circulation, keeping cells in the ageing brain healthy and functioning well.