Managing the onset of Dementia.

Memory and cognition is a complex phenomenon, however, it is becoming increasingly clear that a healthy blood flow plays a key role in its maintenance and health. cGP regulates the function of IGF-1, which is a life-line hormone, and is key for healthy aging, brain development and metabolic function by maintaining healthy vascular function.

Clinical observations show that when IGF-1 function is low/inadequate, the body responds by increasing cGP levels to promote IGF-1 function. However, when the body’s self-made response becomes insufficient people can develop mild cognitive impairment. The decline of cGP is associated with impaired IGF-1 function and contributes to the development of vascular diseases, like dementia.

These observations are supported by experimental tests, in which preclinical and clinical studies show the importance of cGP in cognitive function, reducing blood pressure and memory. Research shows that older people who have a higher plasma cGP concentration had significantly better memory and cognition, compared to those with lower cGP levels suggesting its crucial role in brain health.