cGPMAX is not a one-hit wonder

cGPMAX is not a one-hit wonder

cGPMAX™ is...

It is easy to define what cGPMAX is… a daily dose of cGP that targets your vascular or circulatory system, particularly in the brain. cGPMAX helps build new capillaries which with improve delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your brain cells and removes toxins.

With a lot of products out there on the market offering quick fixes for your brain, it is difficult to know what is the best for you long term. So we thought is it important to tell you what cGPMAX is not…

cGPMAX™ is not...

cGPMAX is not a nootropic, which is the new buzz word springing up everywhere. A nootropic or ‘smart drugs’ are substances that can be taken to improve mental performance in healthy people. Often they claim to have an immediate effect and most do not have any science proving how and in deed if they do work. Some are even available at gas station stores so you can drink them on the way home to feel energetic for the evening. cGPMAX is here for the long haul, helping your brain as you age.

cGPMAX does not change individual cell structure, as you can have all the brain cells in the world, but if the network of capillaries that feed the cells are not there, the cells will not function properly and eventually die. You can have a great hotel, but if there are no roads leading going to it, the hotel will go out of business and closedown - a lot like your brain cells if the blood supply is inadequate, causing a decline in cognitive function and possibly dementia.

cGPMAX is not a drug. We are a 100% natural, as our cGP is sourced from blackcurrants. It can be safely taken with any prescribed medications.

cGPMAX is not a quick fix. The cGP works to improve the physical structure of the brain, and this may take anywhere between two weeks and 3 months depending on how low your cGP levels are in your brain when you start taking cGPMAX. You don’t cure an infection by taking one tablet, it is a course of treatment that may last weeks. Once your cGP levels are lifted, they must be maintained at optimum levels for your body to continue build new capillaries. Often we hear of people stopping their cGPMAX Brain Health, only resume it a few weeks later as they notice losing the benefits due to declining levels of cGP in their body.

cGPMAX was not designed as the result of a whim on the back of an envelope. cGPMAX is the result of over 30 years of scientific research into how cGP works and positive effects on the brain and body. Our Chief Scientist is overseeing new studies into the benefits of cGP. cGPMAX is created by nature and proven by science.

What cGPMAX does deliver is a daily dose of cGP that helps build new capillaries which improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your brain cells and removes toxins. It is scientifically shown to replenish and maintain cGP levels in our body. cGP is a ley molecule essential for living a full, active and productive life as we age.

To end on a positive note, we have had so much positive feedback from people suffering from neurological conditions, about how cGPMAX has helped alleviate their symptoms allowing them to LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX.